Darrin Jamal Milliner

Design/Media/Web Specialist - Portfolio

Nexxt Credit Card

Interactive credit card
Lead Designer - Production - Packaging

This project involved creating a clean and sophisticated design for the interactive card.
As well as concepting and completing production and packaging aspects.

Indusind bank needed a new elegant way
to present its new interactive credit card
that many people would not know how to use.

Create an exciting new design for the large Indian Bank client that pleases its customers and provides information on the functional aspects of the card.

IndusInd Bank Launched the design to its customers with a satisfaction rate of 98% and continues to market and sell the product.

I was also tasked with creating an economical and high quality printing process for the card.
The final product is a one of a kind machine enclosed in this design, created using various print types and techniques.
Additional outcome: Continuously improving on the production process, I was able to find an opportunity to alter the print process to improve the successful production rate by 4%

I also contributed to a large part of the packaging design from concept to prototype to completion.
Indusind bank chose to print the final packaging in India for cost reasons, but used a majority of my design and product packaging concepts.